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PhD acceptance in Structural Civil Engineering in 2016-2017


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people who got admission from  lehigh ,  Pennsylvania State ,Georgia TECH ,Purdue, university of Florida ,Kansas university

in  phD of structural civil Engineering in fall 2016-2017,  please explain and give information to each other for best decision making

for example  when university declared offer of admission to you ? was your admission with fund ?which university do you prefer

going there and why ?what were your marks , GPA ,GRE? did you have paper or conference ,..?

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I was rejected by Georgia Tech on March 21 , and I got admission from two other universities on Feb.  but  I have not heard from Purdue , Florida ,Penn state yet, specially Lehigh

university did not  answer to email or phone call at all , My App only shows It is completed . I am worried , we are close to end of March ,I am international and

so I must decide as soon as possible  .Is that mean reject ?  Is there any one to have some news about their process?

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