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Robotics - Upenn vs Utah vs USC vs UMass Amherst vs Cornell


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Hi, all. 

It turns out that making  a decision on which school to go is a difficult problem. 

I've applied to the PhD program in Computer Science (or whatever) to do Robotics and gotten acceptance to some of the following Universities (alongside with a specific lab). 

If the quality of research is the most important factor (max 10 points), the entrepreneurship environment is the second most important factor (max 6 points) and the living condition (whether, security) is the third most important factor (max 3 points). Which school should I go for my study? ( I got fellowship for 1st year in all of those universities)

In your opinion, what is your descent order? 

1. U of Southern California - prof. Sukhatme's Lab. 


2. Oregon State University - prof. Geoff Hollinger 


3. U of Pensylvania - prof. Dan Lee (GRASP Lab) 

4. U of Massachusettes, Amherst - prof. Shlomon Zilberstein, 

5. U of Utah - prof. Tucker Hammers, 

6. Cornel U - not decide lab yet. 

7. UCSD - not decide lab yet. 


I'd really love to hear from you. Best regards 


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