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Deciding to leave a MA program in Spanish


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After getting my BA in Spanish I decided to get my MA abroad before returning to the US for a Spanish literature phd program. I am at a large public university in Latin America, and today I found out that the MA program takes 4 years to complete- at minimum. Previously I had thought that this would only take two years, because the course website said 2 years + thesis, but professors explained tonight that students cannot take the "taller de tesis" until the third year, and that students spend the year (or two) following the third year writing the thesis. I would prefer to stay for just a semester or two, return to the US and apply to phd programs for fall 2017 admission. Will programs hold it against me if I do not stay here for 4 years and finish this degree? I cannot imagine spending 4-5 years so far away from my family. 

My undergraduate GPA was high, I spent a semester in Spain during my junior year, and I have my DELE C2 certification. My professors from undergrad have written letters of recommendation for me and are holding them until I apply to phd programs, so I am terrified of disappointing them.

What are my options? I have wanted to be a professor of Spanish literature for as long as I can remember, and I do not want to make a decision that will hurt my chances of getting into a US phd program.


Thank you for your advice. 

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My completely personal opinion is that it won't hurt, in fact it will help, that you spent a year or two in Latin America studying literature.

I recommend you contact the graduate advisors at the universities where you want to apply and ask them.

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