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Post Bacc programs


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I am trying to find ways in which I could increase my chances of getting into grad schools in psyc.

I don't have a great GPA so I am trying to find someways to compensate for that.

I worked as an RA back at school when I was an undergrad and I am currently working as an RA at a college near my home as well. I also have some internships here and there as well.

I guess I do have some research experiences since I took an advanced research class back in college and conducted research and wrote papers though it was not published or anything ( not sure if you call that research experience).

Since I don't think I am competitve enough for masters at this point, I'm trying to look at post bacc programs. I found two which are in columbia and upenn but does anyone know any other schools?

(How competitve are post bacc programs? is it similar to masters? I thought it wasn't...I'm not sure)

Also, what do you think about just applying to grad school anyways ( schools that are not that prestigious) and trying to transfer into a better grad schools?

Let me know. Thanks a lot.

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