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Will Gre Analytical Writing kill my applications?


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I just learned my GRE scores: 680 for the verbal section (96%); 700 quantitative(71%); and, the worst, 3.5 in analytical writing (23%). It's the second time I'm applying (I had 4.0 in analytical writing last time) and I'm concerned these results might kill my applications. I'm a foreign student and I did have a good result on the TOEFL (112 out 120 - 27 in writing), so Im wondering what changes will I have in columbia, u texas @ austin, berkeley, nyu?

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whether or not your analytic 'kills' your application, you should still try and make the rest of your application as good as possible. dont focus on what you can't change - improve what is still within your power to change. particularly your writing sample and SOP.

additionally, i would imagine that the impact of the analytic writing section depends on what subfield you are interested in.

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