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Graphic Design Portfolio Questions

Kiel M

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Hey everyone, longtime reader, first time poster.

I've been looking to get together my portfolio and I had a few questions about how to format the images in terms of content. I understand the 72 dpi, jpeg, pixel dimensions, etc; but I'm wondering what to include in the samples themselves.

Here are some of the questions I'm wondering about and any feedback or insights would be awesome.

I have a lot of printed pieces, so do I show the digital art or the final printed piece?

For a brochure, do I show the cover of a brochure or the cover and some spreads?

-And would that be one sample/slide or a couple?

-And if the campaign covered a couple different mediums, should I even attempt to put it in the same sample?

I've done some installation pieces and part of the piece is the interaction of viewers. Should I include numerous pictures in one slide of the piece and people's response?

Looking at the dimension and quality of images schools are looking for, I'm afraid of loosing details in my pieces and making the slides way to cluttered.

Any insight would be tremendous and much appreciated. As soon as I start assembling the portfolio, I might start a flickr account with it and see what you guys think. Deal?

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