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Sociology students! Suggest me pleaze...


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I applied fall 07 for 15 and got rejections from 10 schools!!

There are 5 left but I don't put much hope on them.

I have no idea how could this happened to me!

Let me share my background first:

Education: BA in economics


lowwer division:2 something...terrible!

upper division GPA:3.7

GRE: V540 Q790 AWA 4


No publication

No honor/rewards

1 yr working experience

1 writing sample by myself

only 1 course in sociology

(but I did great amount of self reading)

OK can any body tell me what range of schools should I apply?

I applied from top 3 to the 60th

Still......... :roll: :roll:

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Dear bright,

I hope for you that one of the next five applications works out.

From your background it seems like possible reasons for a rejection from a top 3 university may be the low GRE AW score, the lack of proper training in sociology, and lack of publications or honors making up your good but not amazing grades these schools often require.

If you do not get accepted anywhere this year, I would recommend you to do the following: retake the GRE, take sociology courses somewhere, somehow, only to submit a writing sample that someone else has graded as being excellent.

These are just some suggestions, there is much you could do to improve your "credentials". I would not aim lower than the top 60th, but work on your application to make you more attractive as a future student.

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  • 11 months later...

Awesome quantitative score. I would think you would be desirable for some schools especially those with a political economy or demographic or economics focus.(e.g. SUNY, Columiba). My best guess is that they wonder about your sociology interest and/or experience, and/or if your research interests match theirs. Did you propose a specific research plan? Professors and think tanks from schools to work with? How would you gauge your writing skills on your writing sample? Was your sample well referenced with a good dialogue with the sociological iterature? Did you give them strong academic references from your professors? Nina

I was rejected from CUNY last year. Trying U of Md this year for soc and couple others for Poli Sci. Nina

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