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HKS MC/MPA chances?


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Wondering if any HKS MC/MPA students or grads can rate my chances and give advice on GRE scores:

- 3.4/3.7 from nyu

- 15 years work experience in public and private sectors, including some work with known political figures/organizations at a senior level + some senior-level campaign work and advising nonprofits.

- History of leadership starting/selling own consulting company, currently at a senior level in small publicly traded company that has a public-interest mission.

- GRE: 650V/620Q; waiting on awa but likely at least a 5. Tested much lower than in practices -- worth retaking? Likely able to boost V by 50 and Q by at least 30.

- LORs will be from accomplished folks with strong hks connections

- Essays have definite focus; state what I want to get out of degree and have particular areas of research in mind.

So very bummed about GREs and, combined with relatively weak gpa, am concerned. Have read on this forum that GREs for MC/MPA less important than work experience, but surely there is a threshold to get over.

Also, should we all be expecting more applicants in a year with many un/underemployed, or does HKS's price tag limit applicants?

Thanks in advance.

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