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Can anyone address the orientation of these programs?

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I'm having a hard time getting a sense for which schools have a more conservative, singularity of the text type program and which are more theory centric or inclined towards new approaches (I realize that's not necessarily the same thing). For example I was told that marquette is actually quite conservative despite talk about literary theory on their website and faculty listing various theoretical approaches as interests. I actually don't consider myself a theory person but I do come to literature from philosophy and approach texts through the specific logic of representation they develop so I'm told I need to be in a theory friendly department anyway that's a tangent, here's the list:

Auburn University

Marquette University

University of Cincinnati

Georgia State University

University of Dallas

Southern Methodist University

University of Memphis

Duquesne University

St. John's University

SUNY-Stony Brook

University of Tulsa

Can anyone offer anything about them?

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