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UBC Vancouver Offer

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Hi all

I have received an offer to study a PhD at UBC Vancouver. Has any other person been successful and could answer a few questions for me? 

1. Does anyone know when or if UBC will offer funding? Vancouver is a very expensive place to live! 

2. I have not had any contact from a supervisor, not even an interview. Is this common? 

3. Is it reasonable to accept an offer before funding is offered? 

Any info would be greatly appreciated. 



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1. What field are you in? I don't think UBC is an exception so if your field generally funds PhD students, then I think UBC would too. You can check your department's website for specific details. For example, here is the Physics department's version of the financial page: http://www.phas.ubc.ca/graduate-program-financial-support (Note that in Canada, you are paid a stipend from which you must pay your tuition, generally).

2. Again, depends on the field, but in my experience, while I think it's ideal to have contacted a potential PhD supervisor before applying, it's not impossible to be accepted without any individual contact between you and your potential advisor. Generally, in my field, when you get an offer letter, you may be accepted to specifically work with someone, but some programs don't do this.

3. I think it's reasonable to ask for more details on the offer before making any decisions! I'm assuming that the offer letter does not give any details about funding? This is abnormal to me, at most Canadian schools, including UBC, your offer letter should list the amount of funding and/or some funding commitment (i.e. 2 units of TAships for 4 years, etc.) because most TAs and RAs are unionized and this offer letter becomes your best way to ensure the school funds you at the level they promised (i.e. if they promise X years of TAships, they must uphold their end of the bargain unless you are dismissed because of neglect of duties).

So, I think your best next step is to contact whoever gave you the good news and ask about supervisors and funding!

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Thanks TakeruK!

Very useful input. It is within ECE and the website does not have specifics, just a lot of 'funding may be available'. I have contacted the department requesting more info.

Thanks Again!


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