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I recently applied for a Romance languages masters program. Unfortunately I wasn't accepted. I am looking to apply again in the coming year and I'm trying to figure out the best way to enhance my application. I've spoken with someone from admissions and they informed me why I wasn't accepted. Since I applied for the for Romance languages with Spanish as my first language and French as my second, I was told I did not have enough experience with French. Also my cummatuve gpa wasn't the greatest but my major gpa was excellent. 

Now I'm looking for the best way to reapply for the program. I thought I could take some graduate post bac classes. Also I thought I could take the CLEP and take undergraduate post bac classes in French. I'm really at a loss and I don't know exactly what to do or how to do it. Hoping someone has some advice. 

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This doesn't seem too difficult of a predicament to me. Romance languages are easy to learn online.


Go check out Duolingo.com for French. Read newspapers in French everyday, go watch some vlogs on YouTube, participate in meetup.com for French meetup groups, etc. Then, after maybe a few months of intensive study and practice, take the DELF test to prove your level.


Good luck!

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