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Hello all MSW applicants and students,

I was curious about admission to UCLA's MSW program, as to their academic and professional expectations. I can't really find the stats, so I'm unsure if this school is in my target range. I'm sure there's tons of these threads, but heck I'll go for it. Here's a little about myself: got my BA in psychology from USC in Dec 2015 with an overall GPA of 3.4, major is 3.43 (last 60 units are at 3.42). I've always maintained 3.5+ until senior year where I was dealing with family issues.

I've worked as an Admin Assistant for 3.5 years during school, volunteered to teach a middle school course in social sciences for one semester, participated in biobehavioral research at Keck Hospital for one semester, and another semester of gender inequality research in films. During school, I also worked part-time for 4 months at a inpatient mental health facility, then I worked full-time at a drug rehab for 6 months senior year before landing my current position as a Housing Case Manager for homeless population. I expect to keep this job for over a year before committing to grad school. 

I really love this line of work and I can't wait to pursue my MSW in order to enhance my career and abilities to provide services, eventually going for my LCSW. UCLA and other Cal States are my top priorities right now. I can't seem to find admissions stats for UCLA's MSW, so I was hoping to see if other folks who got in or are applying this Fall might be able to give me some pointers. It would be so appreciated and helpful. Thank you so much for reading this!

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