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Nervous and unsure - Help!


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Hi all,

In the midst of all the applications I'm filling out right now, I'd really really appreciate some insight from anyone in regards to my potential acceptances/rejections. Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm a nervous wreck right now because I am so unsure on how I can gauge my qualifications, and I wonder if I should be even applying at all.

I'm applying to several graduate programs in international relations, including:

Yale - MA in IR

Univ of Chicago: MA in IR

Columbia SIPA: MIA

USC: MA in Public Diplomacy

Univ of Michigan: MPP

UCSD: MA in Int'l and Pacific Affairs

Johns Hopkins SAIS: MA in IR

My profile is as follows:

Undergraduate institution: Top 10 public school

Major: Double-majored in Political Science (Int'l Relations) / American Literature and Culture

Cumulative GPA: 2.9 (ouch)

Poli Sci major GPA: 3.1 (ouch)

*I've had 1-2 very bad grades from courses that are irrelevant to IR (they were literature courses)

GRE scores: 570 Verbal / 640 Quantitative / 4.0 Writing

Work exprience: 1.5 years as Researcher at a foreign embassy in Washington, DC / several internships under my belt at nonprofit law firm, 2 IR think tanks in DC, press agency

+ Several awards and honors during my undergrad studies, made it to dean's list for several quarters

Foreign languages: Korean (native fluency) / Japanese (intermediate) / German (basic knowledge)

Recomendations: very strong recommendations from professor, a U.S. ambassador, and foreign minister

Any honest opinions?

Thanks in advance!

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Overall it sounds pretty good, but I think a big red flag is going to be the fact that you scored so poorly on the verbal section even though one of your majors was literature, which obviously entails tons of reading.

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Can anyone perhaps share their acceptance experiences with semi-similar stats as mine? I'd really appreciate hearing them!


my stats are some what similar. Although my GPA is a 3.7 my GRE was 20 points lower than yours. I'm applying for fall 2010 but I got into Cornell's MPA program already since they have rolling admissions, got a nice fellowship too. I'm sure you will do fine.

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