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Limited options for LOR

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I recently graduated in the Fall 2015 term and have decided to take the year off and gather more experience before applying to graduate schools. I did well in my classes, but was not a big talker where I would have built up relationships with my professors. Only one professor comes to mind when I think of who to ask for a LOR. I am applying to OT programs and this professor taught the psychology class Theories of Counseling. Would this be an appropriate professor to ask? I am a rehab technician currently and work with a multidisciplinary team where I can get a LOR from a supervisor, however I am stuck on who to ask in the educational field. Any suggestions?

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Can you ask your former academic advisor? I did my undergrad online, which makes it impossible to build relationships with profs. Fortunately I had a couple that knew me and my work very well since I took a few of their classes and was able to get them to write an LOR. My supervisor wrote the third LOR. But one school (actually the one I will be attending) required at least three academic LORs, so I wound up asking my advisor since she was the only other one who saw my progress throughout my undergrad and we had enough communication that I felt she could write one for me. She was happy to do it, but let me know that she was not allowed to discuss my grades or GPA. That was no problem for me since I had a 4.0 and the school was getting a transcript anyway. As a "just in case," I still had a professional LOR submitted for that school. Anyway, that was my experience and how I "worked around" it since I really didn't have anyone else I could ask.

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