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Please Critique my Issue Essay

Canaan Mekonnen

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Claim: The surest indicator of a great nation must be the achievements of its rulers, artists, or scientists.

Reason: Great achievements by a nation's rulers, artists, or scientists will ensure a good life for the majority of that nation's people.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and the reason on which that claim is based.


    A nation contains not only rulers,artists, or scientists, but also people who are farmers, teachers, students, thieves, homeless people and the list go on. Therefore, the surest indicator of a great nation should not be limited to the achievements of just the rulers, artists or scientists, but it should also include the achievements of the whole nation. 

    The Main reason that a greatness of a nation can not be determine based on only the achievement of rulers, artists or scientists is that  these people are not the only members of a country. Usually, a nation that has many scientists and artists, who achieved many, may its name be mentioned in a good way because of their work. However, this will be pointless if the nation is also well known as unsafe place to live because of the many number of thieves and burglars. In addition, which nation would be great if the nation has a great scientiests who have done many discoveries, but do not have a good students who can follow their lead. A work of successful leader would also be nothing and would have zero contribution for the greatness of a nation if the people in the nation are not capable enough to hear him or her and do as they are told. As a result, a nation’s greatness can not be indicated based only few people’s or scholars achievement. 

    Another reason is that these few people such as achieved rulers, artistis, or scientists may not be enough to ensure a good life for the majority of that nation’s people.  A successful scientists or artists may have the resource to support his family or few other people around him both financially and intellectually. Nonetheless, it is usually difficult for most of them to reach for the point where they can influence a nation. Some may get to that point where they become a role model or a hero for some people of the nation. However, It is only some of them , and they may influence only few people in the nation. As result, these may not be enough for a whole nation.

    In general, we can not tell the greatness of a nation based on few people achievement because they may not be enough to influence or represent the nation. Therefore, a nation’s achievement should be determined based on the progress of the whole nation.  

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