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PhD Preview Events?


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So I'm currently looking for PhD programs to apply to, and I stumbled across this page on the UMich website: https://medicine.umich.edu/medschool/education/phd-programs/pibs-preview

Basically, they pay you to come and talk to faculty/students and tour the city?? That sounds so great, and yet I've never heard of these "preview events" before! The deadline for that one has passed, but here's another one (at UW-Madison): http://www.biopreview.wisc.edu/apply

Does anyone know any other events like this? Or, has anyone attended something similar that would like to give insight about applying/what it was like?

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I believe UChicago has an event like this. In my opinion, you have to put in too much work applying to these events for what they offer since the apps tend to be complex. Also, interview weekends are almost identical to these since they are structured rather similarly. 

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