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Hello, I am an undergrad double major in Math and Statistics. I realized in Jauary that I wanted to continue my studies in Statistics. My problem is, I am not sure if I would get in to either a master degree or a ph.d program. I graduate May 2017.  I have a 3.62 gpa, got a 161 Q, 160 V, 4.5 analytical on the GRE. I do not have research experience and during the summer work at Kumon. Where I used to work in high school. I also work at a Starbucks on campus each semester. This is my last year in undergrad and applications for grad school are about to open. I will be taking a graduate course in Stats and working as a TA Spring 2017 but unfortunatly none of that would be shown on an application. My question is, are my GRE scores good enough? Can I get into a ph.d program at all? How about a Masters? Or should I find an alternative route?

My second concern is that the two professors who said would write me LORs (and with who I have good relationships)  might not write such strong ones compared to the ones they would write now if I choose to maybe find an internship or co-op before applying to a master or ph.d program since more time will have past since I was in their class. 

I am also planning on taking the GRE subject test but will be studying abroad in France when I take it (Fall 2016) so I am not sure how taking it in a different country will affect my score. 

Any thoughts? 

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I think you have a decent shot at some masters programs.  Thus, IMO you should apply to both masters and PhD programs (at different schools).  That way if you don't get into a PhD department, which is your ultimate goal,  you can enroll in one of the masters ones.  If you do well in the masters then getting into a PhD in a couple of years will not be so difficult.

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