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Can I get into a biostat PhD program with a Masters in economics?

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I have an Honours BA in economics, a BSc in math (the kind math teachers normally get) and am finishing up an MA in economics. All at Canadian schools, and my MA at a top 3 Canadian program. Do Canadian, or other, biostatistics PhD programs look at people without statistics degrees? Would I be considered adequately prepared? I've taken Calc I-IV, three linear algebra courses, real analysis, up to third year theoretical stats, and a few others. Plus graduate training in econometrics.

Undergrad and graduate GPAs are close to a 4.0, no course grade lower than A- in undergrad and none lower than A in grad school. My quantitative GRE score is 170.

Anyone have experience going from econ to biostats or know of anyone who has? Is this a thing?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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