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MoMA 2016 12-month Internships

missy elliot smith

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Hello! I have applied to the Research & Development Internship. Any news? Did anyone receive the confirmation email? I've run out of patience☺ Still hoping though

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Hey everyone, 

I just got a notification that I haven't been accepted - I've posted the text to that email below, for those interested. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what they're looking for, so if you get a similar response don't feel bad. I'm about as specialized in this field as I can be for someone at this stage in their career. I graduated at the top of my class from a prestigious MA program, interned for the most significant figure in my field doing a lot of hands-on work with exhibitions and writing, and I know a significant amount about the artists the department I applied to is focusing on. Even with all that and stellar application essays, I didn't even get an interview. These New York museums are fickle af. 


Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the 12 Month Internship Program at MoMA. After careful consideration, we are unable to provide a placement for you in this September's class. It was especially challenging to select final candidates given the number of excellent applications, as we did review each and every one. 
We appreciate your time and effort in applying, and wish you much success in your job search. 
All the best. 
12-Month Internship Program
The Museum of Modern Art


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Hi everyone,

I am about to apply for one of this year's positions. I have a very practical question about the submission: does the 12 month internship application needs a motivational letter and reference letter? I thought so but I don't understand why is specified in the short term internship instructions and not in this one.

Thank you!

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