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LORs Several Years Post-Undergrad

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Hello all! I posted this in the LOR forum, but I am cross-posting it here, as I'm guessing there are some standards that are particular to M.L.I.S. programs. I am in the process of applying for an M.L.I.S. It will be a change in fields for me, though I've done work tangential to this field in the past (and currently). My undergrad majors were Poli Sci and Comm. My application is nearly complete, but I am having trouble determining who to ask for letters of recommendation. I graduated from undergrad over 11 years ago and have had only superficial contact with my professors since graduating. Additionally, even that superficial contact was five years ago or more. There are some professors who likely vaguely remember me, but likely none who remember my work in any great detail. Since graduating, I have only worked two places and, though I've had promotions at both places, have only had one supervisor at each, so only two supervisors total. The program I'm applying to requires three recommendations and doesn't require that any be academic, but does encourage it. I'm at a loss for who to ask for recommendations. Do I ask my current and former supervisors and try to re-establish contact with a former professor for the third? Do I try to contact more than one professor? Do I ask my current and former supervisors and a co-worker? If anyone is curious, this is for Kent State University. Due to family obligations, I am unable to move out of this area and I'd prefer a program that offers at least some in-person classes (as opposed to all online), so Kent State's program is the only one I'm looking into at this time. Thanks for any advice! 

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