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Jobs for international students


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I know its too early, but for whats it worth, I thought it'll be great to know of the job opportunities at policy/IR schools for international students. I have some fears because some of my friends who are already in non policy/IR graduate schools ( some top ones too ) say that 80% of the jobs on campus don't really open up for international students because companies aren't that eager to sponsor a work visa.

I just wanted to know if it'd be any different for policy/IR schools. Would our area of study or the possible jobs that we might end up doing make things any better for us ? Given the fact that a lot of us might shell out a lot of money with loans etc., it would be absolutely essential to get a decently paying job right after graduation. The economy isn't that great either. Are there any other options ??

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Again, sorry to bump this - but this is something even I am very curious about, and will play a big role in my decision-making process.

Can current students at the top policy schools throw some light on this? A look at the career destinations document of these programs throws up a high proportion of Federal or State Government openings, which would be out of bounds for international students.

How do international students fare with getting a position of their choice immediately at the end of the program, especially if they do not voluntarily want to go back to the their country of origin?

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Getting a job on campus is going to be more difficult (not impossible) for a foreign student due to the fact that many are filled under Federal Work-Study. As for jobs post-graduation, I don't think that being a foreigner is a huge hindrance in the non-government sector, though the proportion of jobs that exist in this field with the government is of course pretty substantial. Also depends on your concentration as some are more government-heavy than others. Did seem to me that many international students just came to the US to study with the intention of going back to their home country upon completion, though.

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