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I am just trying to see how competitive my application is. I really want to get a PhD in statistics, but I am wondering if I should get more research experience, or if I should try for a masters and then go on to a PhD. Currently I am a Peace Corps volunteer teaching math at a high school level in Africa.

Institution: University of Washington (Seattle)

Major: Double major in Economics and Mathematics (Statistics focused)

GPA: overall 3.66, statistics classes only my GPA is 3.75

GRE: I haven't taken it yet, but from practice I think I can do well.

Courses Taken: Multivariable Calculus (3.4), Linear Analysis (3.9), Probability 1 (3.8), Probability 2 (3.7), Probability 3 (3.6), Statistics (3.7), Financial Econometrics (3.7), Real Analysis (3.4) I have also taken many other mathematics courses, but these seem to be the most relevant.

Research Experience: I am on a committee which analysis if Peace Corps in making a difference. We mainly collect the data.

Letters of Recommendation: 2 from statistics professors, 1 from the country director of Peace Corps

I am thinking of applying to University of Michigan, University of Connecticut, Yale, Purdue, University of North Carolina, Penn State, and University of Wisconsin.

I appreciate all the advice and help. I love statistics, and I want a job with the government or NGO's researching poverty and economic development.

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