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What's the skinny on the Duke Nicholas School?


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Hi All,

This is my second round applying to grad school. Let's just say my first round was somewhat experimental.....

This year, I'm applying for admission to the the Duke Nicholas School, Coastal Environmental Management (CEM) program (masters). I work for a state coastal program, so I'm hoping my fit will be just about what I need to get in.

Anyone applied here/been accepted from here before? if so, what did you get your bachelor's in/what were your GRE scorse? I've heard that the professional masters is a lot different than getting an MS, and that professor contact is not as important here, as you're somewhat addmitted like you were in undergrad (no advisor funding).

The only postings on the results board are acceptances so I'm hoping that's a good sign! ha.

Just hoping for any sort of advice on the matter.tongue.gif



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