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Just took GRE: V165 Q157, 3.77GPA is it good enough for top programs?


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Title says it all. GRE: 165V 157Q. Went to a Cal for undergrad and graduated with honors. I have two years of work experience plus a lot of undergrad policy work in both interships and student orgs. I am applying to GSPP, HKS, and WWS  and wondering if I have a good shot. Thanks.

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I suggest you post in the Am I Competitive thread (http://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/23492-the-am-i-competitive-thread-read-me-before-posting/) to give people more information. I know that at the application stage, we are all desperate for some information or some measure of certainty, but asking the GradCafe community if you have a good shot at a program is like shaking a magic-8 ball. What we can do, when presented with a more comprehensive profile, is tell you what might look weak to admissions committees and how you can improve one aspect. Just going by your GRE score, which is neither extraordinary nor deplorable, we can't give you advice.

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