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University suggestions for PhD in hypersonic aerothermodynamics


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Hi there,

Please review my profile and help me in sorting out the following universities as safe, moderate and ambitious for Fall 2017 applications:

GRE : 151V, 163Q, 3.5AWA

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from College of Engineering Pune, India; GPA : 7.83/10

M.Tech in Thermal and Fluids Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; GPA : 9.18/10. Among the top 5 in the class

1 invitation for an International conference presentation (FMFP, 2014) held in India itself...(not sure if this carries any significance)

2 years of experience with Mahindra and Mahindra ltd., Chennai, India. Currently employed here

Will get strong LoRs

The universities I have shortlisted are:

UMaryland College Park (received admit once but did not get scholarship), Purdue University, U Michigan Ann Arbor, UT Austin, TAMU, Ohio State University, Virginia Tech, NCSU, University of Virginia, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Notre Dame and University of Tenesse Knoxville



Also please suggest other universities with good research in hypersonics.


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