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Stanford Anthro Merger


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What I've heard is that most CASA profs are on board and that a couple ANTHSCI people might be leaving. The only thing I know is that they aren't archaeologists. My problem is that I've been getting postive feedback from the faculty (which is to be expected)-but if you read the Stanford Daily article that annouced the merger-the comments following it are pretty negative (from former students, faculty).

http://daily.stanford.edu/article/2007/ ... ntoOneDept

I'm sure part of the negativity is just shock-since the admin didn't handle the whole thing well...and I'm sure that people will adjust fine-I'm just worried about the newly united department will handle the issues that caused the split in the first place (how to allocate $, department direction, philosophy, etc.)

I'm convinced that no archaeology faculty are leaving, though-so I'm pretty positive I'll be accepting the admissions offer here.

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i heard the same - that no casa faculty will be leaving and that the program itself shouldnt see many changes (on the casa side at least). im optimistic, and i agree that most of the negativity is prob. due to the way the news was communicated.

ive accepted, and i say good riddance to columbia whose admissions decision is still "in the mail" (kind of sad that it's april 8 and they still havent told me whether im in or not. speaks volumes about department cohesiveness and the respect they give their students)

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