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faculty member plagiarism

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Hi. Fellow linguists. It has been recently come to my attention that one of the Profs in my school has been involved in plagiarism several times. I am so sure because when I did research in the library I (accidentally) found that this prof actually copied data from an old series of linguistics journal, distorted and fabricated the data to confirm his intended conclusions. This prof presented orally and in writing the data this prof copied from somewhere else as if this prof had elicited the data in person (i.e. doing field work) or could speak the languages. But based on my conversation with this prof and the prof's colleagues and based on the information on this prof's website, it becomes obvious that this prof never did field work in these languages, and could not speak these languages.  Is there anyone  here who had encountered similar situation like this? Should I simply stay silent and do nothing? Or should I report this incident (maybe anonymously) to the ombudsperson and/or dean?  


Thanks in advance for your input.

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