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I'm currently doing something on how people make and change place. I can see how people change place, but what does it mean by people making place? Isn't the way in which people react to their surrounding environment what leads to creating place? So is it the way in which different people interact with their environment? But even then, how do they MAKE place? 


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What's the context? Are you looking at the specific term 'Placemaking'  or something else? Where are you looking at these terms?

(Placemaking is an approach in urban planning and community development that tries to take public spaces, like squares, streets and parks, and create focal points, attractions and an atmosphere that encourages people to spend time there, interact and make use of those spaces. Somewhere goes from just being a location, with nothing in particular to make it notable or give it an identity, to being a place, identifiable by something. Hence 'place making'. Look at www.pps.org for examples.) 

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