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Relevant Experience and Application Strength Question


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I am in the process of applying to the Cal States and USC MSW programs for Fall 2017 and I find myself being more and more discouraged by the strength of my application, namely my GPA and my relevant experience:

I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a GPA of 3.19. My GPA is less than stellar due to a series of family emergencies that made it difficult to focus on schoolwork. Currently I have 1 year of volunteering with an organization that works with children with autism, 2 years of working as a behavioral therapist for children with autism, half a year volunteering at a senior day-care center. 

I chose the MSW path because I would like to be a LCSW, however I am afraid that my experience in social services doesn't stack up well against other applicants especially with a lower GPA. Do you guys think that my application is strong enough for consideration or do I need better experience/internships in social services? 



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So, let me just say that I got into University of Pittsburgh (not going there because I had to move, but anyway..) with a 3.0 GPA,1.5 years experience doing behavioral therapy support with kids with Autism and 3 good letters of recommendations from people with MSW degrees. Write a good essay, highlight your experiences, and get some kick ass letters of recommendations from people with fancy letters after their name. Definitely give it a try. :) 

Also, don't be worried or shocked if you get in 'provisionally' This is what happened to me with Pitt. It just means you have to maintain a certain GPA the first semester or so or else your acceptance is taken away (or somethin' like that). 


**Note that I do not know if admissions at the schools you mentions is much different/harder than Pitt, so I guess take my advice with a grain of salt. You still have no reason not to try, though. 

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