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Apply for NSF GRFP first or second year of grad school?


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Hi, I'm a first year grad student looking to apply to the NSF GRFP.  Now that one can only apply first OR second year, I am wondering if anyone has advice on when I should apply? I have decent background in terms of broader impact/intellectual merit, but certain parts of my application should be better next year--I'll have a publication, for example.  

So here's the key issue: how much more does the NSF want to give the GRFP to first year grad students as opposed to second years?  If they'd ideally like to give them all to first years and only really consider second years in extenuating circumstances (as I've heard from some), then I should apply right now.  If not (as I've heard from others), I may hold off 'til next year.  If you have information/insight, I'd appreciate if you could let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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From what I heard from past reviewers, they have a certain number of undergrad, first years and second years to award.  The reviewers review each year seperate. The choice of when to apply is tricky. I would leave it up to your advisor.

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