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advise needed for application


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Hello all,

I am applying for PhD for Fall2017 intake. My profile is:

Bachelor of pharmacy (India) GPA-3.99

Masters in Pharmacology & Toxicology (LIU-NY) GPA-3.60 with thesis

Research Experience: 1 year internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer cnter-NY

2.5 year Research Assistant job experience at Cold Spring Harbpr Laboratory -NY

Appearing for GRE on October 20th.

A 2nd author publication (5 Impact factor) and one first author Nature paper in review.

I am applying to top schools (Harvard BBS, Yale BBS, Stanford and Columbia) plus some safe bets.

The feedback I am getting from people around here is that due to my education from some low profile universities will come in my way to getting considered for these top universities. Any suggestions will greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Are you applying to these schools simply based on reputation? You seem to have really good credentials otherwise, assuming your LORs and GRE score are good. 

Your SOP will be very important, credentials can only take you so far.

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Not totally based on reputation but based on my area of interest as well. I am working on blood stem cells and leukemia from past 3 years so really want to continue doing that. Harvard, Stanford and Columbia has labs which works on blood stem cells and pre-leukemic conditions and interested in 2 labs at Yale working on leukemia.

About the LOR, I am getting 2 really strong ones from my current PI from CSHL and previous one from MSKCC. Third one from current director and I assume it'll be a good one. I'll get me GRE score (quant and verbal) on October 20th. 

Thanks for your suggestion, will work hard on SOP.

I am also considering Watson school of biological sciences at Cold Spring Harbor Lab.

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Are you applying to only 5 schools? Also, I must say that a "safe bet" is hard to find when it comes to grad school. You should try to diversify a bit when it comes to interests since 2 PIs if really not much if you're basing school selection on that alone. Schools look for an interest in them beyond just PIs, since those can move or not be taking students. Aim for at least 5 people you would work with, or more, and look for reasons to apply to schools besides the PIs. 

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