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PhD programs which offer provisional acceptances


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Hi all,

I hope this thread helps others as well, if there is anyone out there under the same circumstances as me. I have recently begun to consider engineering programs (EE) particularly given the direction of my research. My background is in pure math with a minor in physics, at a top 5 school notorious for grade deflation. My GPA is absolutely horrendous, hovering at just above a 3.0. I'm not concerned about my GRE scores (163/165/5.0) or research experience. I am a bit demoralized by the some of the GPA cut offs for PhD programs. Obviously, some schools - Princeton, Harvard, etc, claim there isn't one, but it is pretty ludicrous to think I can get into those schools, competing against applicants who are easily above and beyond in all aspects. I am thrown off by NYU and its 3.5 cut off, Michigan State and its 3.2 cut off.  Examples are aplenty. 

So, I am looking for programs which offer provisional acceptances for the PhD. I can't seem to find any, specifically for EE. Anyone know anything about programs like this? Has anyone gotten into engineering PhD programs with a non-engineering background and ALSO a low GPA? Any advice/info will be greatly appreciated.

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