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The College of Saint Rose

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I’m going to be applying to St. Rose for Fall 2017 and went to their open house last June so I have a little bit of information. I’m not positive if the interview format is the same for spring and fall applicants but they talked about “interview workshops” where they invite a bunch of potential students in on the same day and perform interviews, watch them interact with each other, and do writing samples. Did they mention that it was a workshop? 
My visit to the school definitely bumped it up to one of my top choices. I'm applying to a bunch of schools in Upstate NY and St. Rose definitely stands out in regards to clinical opportunities. They have optional clinics for fluency, transgender voice mod and TBI (there were more but I don’t remember). Also, the professors at the open house seemed really enthusiastic and approachable. I vaguely remember one professor saying that they often admit the “B student with great experience and personality”, which was reassuring to me as a student with a 3.4 overall GPA. If you don’t mind sharing your stats I would be really interested to know since you got an interview! 
Good luck!! 
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