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Latin Teaching with Bachelor's V.S. Masters?


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Does anyone know how much of a pay scale difference there is between teaching Latin with a Bachelor's VS teaching with a Masters? 

Because the US has begun its collapse, I'm considering skipping the M.A. and just finding a job teaching Latin at a high school. 

I know that there's a difference in pay for advanced degrees, but I'm not sure if its substantial enough to remain for an M.A. 

Does anyone have any insight into this? 


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I realize I'm a couple months late to this topic, but since no one else has replied: in my public school district it's about a $7,000/year difference for the first 5 years or so, with slight incremental increases. These increments grow steadily: after 12 years or so the difference amounts to roughly $10,000/year.

This is, at least in my opinion, a pretty substantial pay scale difference, considering how little money secondary school teachers earn (at least those beginning their careers).

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