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Statistics/Data Science MS/PhD Profile Evaluation

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I'm looking to apply for Masters or PhD programs in Statistics / Data Science and wondering if you guys could give me a profile evaluation and potentially some advise.


Undergraduate: Small state school graduate with a double major in Economics and Data Science. 2 Minors in statistics and mathematics. GPA 3:89
Math coursework includes -> Calc I-III, Linear Alg, Differential Equations, Game Theory

Statistics coursework includes -> Regression, Multivariate analysis, Statistical Consulting, Design of Survey's etc (And then 50 credits worth of economics classes)

Skills developed: R, SAS, Python, Java, Tableau

Honors: I was a distinguished graduate(1 person from my entire program) and graduated with magna cum laude.

GRE: 153 Q , 148 V - I am terrible at standardized tests, and I cant simply afford to give it again.

Research Experience: 2 econometric papers that I worked on over a year under economics faculty.

LOR: I'm sure all 3 of them will be great

Letter of Intent: I have decent writing skills, so I think I can pull off a decent SOP.

Industry Experience: I've worked as a Sales Analytics Intern for a fortune 100 company. I've also worked as a academic tutor for 2 years and as a voluntary statistical consultant for 6 months.

Programs I'm Applying To:

Statistics (MS):

  1. UMASS Amherst
  2. Boston University

Data Science (MS):

Worceister Polytechnic Institute

Statistics (PhD):

  1. University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  2. University of Iowa

Questions: What do you guys think are my chances of getting into these schools. I have a low GRE score and I really can't do anything about it. Should I talk about my low GRE score in my statement of purpose or should I just avoid it all together? Any other thoughts on universities I should look into while I still have a window of application time?

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