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Send All GRE Scores?

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Hi Everyone! i'm an out-of-field applicant for fall term 2017. I need some advise about the GREs

I took the test a few weeks ago and got the following scores: V:162 Q:147 AWA:3.5.  Disappointed with the AWA result and hopeful that I could get a better score in the Quant section, I retook the test. That was a few hours ago and I'm still horrified about what happened. My new scores: V:153 Q:151 and by my estimate probably AWA of 4. I was so anxious about the quant section that I didn't even finish the Verbal section. and now, because of the big drop in my verbal score, i'm even more anxious. I really don't want to retake the test and am now considering sending all GRE scores to schools. is this the right move? what do you guys think? 

thanks in advance

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@SLPHopeful80 Ugh I'm sorry, as a fellow out-of-fielder the GRE was by far the most stressful part of this process for me, too! From what I have heard it varies greatly by school as far as how much weight they give GRE scores. What percentile were you in for each section for each test? Depending on the level of difficulty, a 153 Verbal score may actually look slightly better (or at least balance out) than a 162 verbal score if you were in a higher percentile for the 153. I've also heard that as long as you get over 300 combined it's okay and that the AW score is the most important. By that logic I would stick with your second test. 

I didn't know it was possible to send more than one GRE score to each school, but I would worry that they would only look at the most recent one rather than looking at both. So my opinion is to stick with the second test, or retake it one last time (third times the charm!). If your GPA, LOR, and SOP are all great that will also help balance things out. Good luck!

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@SLPHopeful80 I totally get your frustration!!!! I'm so sorry (*hugs*). I do know of a few schools who take the best score in each section regardless of how many times you took the test :) I would reach out to the schools you are interested in and see what they say as far as that goes. 

But I agree with @ElKel87. Your verbal score the first go around is absolutely awesome! But I think your best shot would be either taking the test a 3rd  time OR submit your second score if your writing score is a 4. There are a lot of schools who have minimum requirements of 150 in both V and Q (not just the 300 total) with a 4 in writing, however, that might only be the schools I've looked at (for example, FSU Distance Learning program). If your writing score remains a 3.5, definitely submit your first score because of how high your verbal is. 

I'm far from an expert, my GRE scores were average-ish (151V 151Q 4W), but the above advice is just based off of what I've seen. Good luck!!

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