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Two GRE Scores -- How will schools view?


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I took the GRE twice, because I wanted to get up my math score since I'm applying to public policy programs.

First GRE

V: 170 (99th)

Q: 156 (63rd)

Writing: 5.5 (98th)


Second GRE

V: 166 (97th)

Q: 158 (70th)

Writing: 4.5 (82nd)


As you can see, my verbal went down slightly, my writing went down a good bit, and my quant only went up a smidgen. How will schools view this? Will it look bad that I was only able to improve my quant score slightly, while my other two scores went down? I know it depends on the particular school, but any indication you can give me on how an admissions comittee would view these scores would be helpful.



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On 11/18/2016 at 8:34 AM, avflinsch said:

Send them both, they understand that the scores vary from test to test, and may just end up taking the best of each.

Okay, thanks! Fingers crossed!

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