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NHH in Norway (advice please)


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I recently became interested in pursuing a masters at NHH but I have some questions regarding the requirements and also if I have a suitable profile.

First of all, they state the following:

90 ECTS must be within economics and business administration. This may include methodological subjects like statistics or mathematics, but not exclusively. 30 ECTS must be within Business administration (e.g. finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, statistics, mathematics, etc.). Economics courses such as micro- or macroeconomics may not count toward the business administration requirement. 

I'm in my third year of a UK bachelor in management, which is made up of modules almost entirely in the area of business administration. I have one module which is a Microeconomics/decision-making joint module. So I am uncertain whether my degree meets the requirements in the first place. I have not yet received a reply from NHH.

The second question is how competitive some of the majors are, e.g. Strategy and management and international business in relation to my profile:

Grade: UK high 2.1 expected at top 6 University.
GRE: Quant 153 ( I know horrible) but it meets the minimum. (what can we assume about the GRE ranges for applicants)?
Internships: Short experience in BB bank in my first year, summer internship at major tech firm (think Facebook, Google, Amazon)
Learning a 4th language.
I am scandinavian if this matters. 

Any thoughts? :)

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