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Second Bachelor's Degree

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I am currently considering two options to get my second bachelor's degree in communication science and disorders. The first would be a part-time online program, where I could continue my job as a teacher. The second is a full-time on campus program, where I could have more opportunities to build experience in the field and relationships with professors. Both programs would take two years to complete. I am kind of at a lost as to which option would be better. Without getting too much into my background, I have a lower undergrad GPA in accounting and have been working in the educational field for 5 years. I want to be as competitive as possible and think the second bachelor’s degree would be best. When I apply, Fall 2019 admission, I would be looking at schools that weigh heavily on the last 60  hours and experience.


Am I right in thinking the on campus program would be the better option? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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@nolerunner Hello, fellow career changer :) Is there a huge cost difference between the two (other than the fact that it seems you'd have to quit your job to do the full time program)? If they both take 2 years, personally I would go with the on campus program. It will be much easier to make relationships with professors who can then write you letters of recommendation. I'm wrapping up a 1 year online post-bacc now and one of the professors I asked for a LOR said I did a great job yadda yadda but that she doesn't do LOR for online students. The one online professor who is writing me a letter I've met in person at a conference. I'm not saying this is the case for every professor, but I just feel like the letters will be stronger if they've interacted with you in person and can comment on how you are in a classroom setting.

Again, this is just my personal opinion, but I feel that I would have gotten more out of my post-bacc classes if I had taken them in person as well. I was considering applying to the NYU online masters program and decided not to in part because I didn't enjoy the online format.

Good luck!

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