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How do you know if programs received GRE score


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Hey all,

I sent my GRE score to the schools I'm applying to more than a week ago and only yesterday one school indicated in their system that they matched my GRE score to my application. Does anyone else have this problem? I know it's pretty unlikely that ETS missed some schools when they processed my request and since everything is done electronically now, it's more unlikely that the schools lost my score in their system... Does anyone know whether I should check/how to check to make sure my score is delivered? 


Also, for those applying to UCSF, does your score show up when you put in your registration number and test date? It says in the instruction page that "Your GRE and/or TOEFL or IELTS scores will be matched to your application to ensure delivery to the correct program." Does it only get matched after you submit your application?

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Yeah it can be kind of stressful because many (most?) programs don't give you the heads up. If ETS shows that they were delivered, provided you entered the correct info that the department you're applying to specifies, you should be good. To put your mind at ease, you can always email the department admissions coordinator and see if they have your GRE scores on file.

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At one of the schools I applied to, my status page indicated that they were awaiting my GRE scores. I emailed the admissions office stating that according to ETS, my scores were electronically delivered 2 weeks prior.

I received an email from the admissions office indicating that my scores would now be matched to my application since my application was now on file. 

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