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Hi everyone, I am applying to PhD program in Information Management (Wharton/Stanford/MIT) and Quantitative Modeling (Marketing) at (Booth/Berkeley/CMU) for fall 2010. I would appreciate if you all can help me evaluate my chances.

Undergrad GPA: B.S (Hons) in mechanical Engineering from a Top 15 ranked Engineering School in India. GPA~ 3.80.

Graduate GPA: M.S in computer Science (Top 15 US University). GPA 3.70

Math courses: Probability and Stats, Calculus I,II,III, differential equations, Linear algebra, math modeling, abstract algebra, discrete, advanced calculus, vector calculus etc.

GRE V610/Q750/W4.0

LORs: From research Advisers (1 PhD MIT, 2 PhD Berkeley, 3 PhD IIT Bombay)


  • 2years as UG RA at Govt. of India funded research lab.
  • 4 months Research Internship at ETH Zurich.
  • 1.5 years as an RA on National Endowment for Humanities funded project. It was a joint proposal submitted along with a faculty at my university and we were selected for US 30,000 NEH grant.
  • 1.0 years on a project partially sponsored by NSF.


1. Computer science Fellowship by the University.

2. State Science Talent Scholarship (India).

3. NEH Grant.

4. Best high school graduate and school leader.

5. BPCL fellowship(India) awarded to 7 students from all over India.

6. Ranked (20/45,000 in High School and 24/20000 Engineering Entrance Examination)

WORK Experience:

2 years as a Engineer at a leading semiconductor design company.


10 Conference Publications in computer science (IEEE, ICM, Springer) (4 as co author)

1 Journal Publication (in Submission).

Also assisted my advisor in reviewing research papers/ writing grant proposals / conferences.

Schools Applied to:

1. Wharton

2. Chicago Booth

3. Haas Berkeley

4. Stanford

5. MIT

6. CMU

I know I have applied to Top ranked B Schools. I applied to couple of business schools after interacting with their faculty who are working on similar research areas I am interested in. They encouraged me to apply and let them know when I submit my application.

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