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Any sydney uni or melbourne uni master of speech pathology students?


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Hi everyone,

I am just wondering if anyone is previously or currently studying masters of speech pathology in Australia. I recieved offers from several universities and am struggling to decide between two unis: Sydney Uni and Melbourne Uni. I am graduating in Mel uni this semester so I know more about the culture and style of teaching in unimelb. However, I have absolutely no idea how Sydney uni is like. Comparing the course description that they provide onilne, Mel uni sounds more broad and theoretical-based (as the usual experience I have had in the 3 yrs of undergrad) while Sydney uni is farely more practical and down to the profession nature. However, as these are only my own interpretations, I am not sure if they are true. In addition, I happened to come across a post which mentioned that the drop out rate for the program is 50%, which is incredibly high. Does anybody know if this is the actual case?

If anyone would be able to give me some advice, I would hugely be grateful of;D 

Any feelings or information about the course, Sydney uni (whether their teaching style is pragmatic), and the factors that you guys will prioritize would definitely help!



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