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Who is applying to grad school in Germany?


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Hello all.

I am a very impatient student waiting for Germany to finally open any of their master program applications. I am applying for programs in English, however the point of moving to Germany is to get more proficient in my German. I have a list of 10 or so schools, and they all have different application times. The first one starts in Feb, and the next one after that not until April-July! As an American, these due dates (for a program that is a few weeks after the deadline in some cases) are* nerve wracking to me!

So, I was curious if there are any other students also in the same boat as me. We can all wait together :rolleyes:

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I am applying to two PhD programs in Germany, so I understand the frustration with it not being so compatible with the US system. Luckily the one program has interviews in February so isn't too incompatible. In the other, the PI seems interested but I told him I will not be able to make a decision until March. What field are you applying in?

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