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Which art related subject (history, therapy, education etc) offers non-competitive full-rides in exchange for...


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This is kinda weird question. I want to know which "art-something" subject might offer not-very-competitive financial support (full rides), of course in exchange for something, though, like you work for them or something.

 art history, art therapy, art education, etc. (can't think of others...) anything that tends to welcome BFA graduates?

you know how even some medical schools give full-rides, not really based on merit, but rather, for commitments like you practice medicine in underserved areas for a few years.

does any of the "art-something" grad programs offer this type of deal?

(This is just for research purposes, so please, if you don't mind, no need to go into "you shouldn't pick a field based on money" lectures... thanks!)

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I don't know specifially about commitment to practice but you should try Tyler School of Art, Temple University. I know they are sort of generous when it comes to funding. There's a university fellowship that all grad applicants who qualified are automatically considered for which I believe covers a considerable amount of tuition + if you are a person of colour, there's the future faculty award which aims at diversing academia, free ride + stipend. Wish I could help more. Good luck though. 

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