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Possibility of no funding for Early decision?


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Hello, I am totally newbie here so forgive me for any mistake please.

I am applying for 2017 Fall and got a contact from the Director of the Graduate Studies that I got admission for an Early decision.

It was from my 1st choice University so I was very pleased.

However as I was contacting the director, he told me that the field is extremely competitive this year, and that I was in the waiting list for the funding.

When I was contacting the professor from that program(before Early decision was made) he said that all of the students admitted to the program is 100% funded and that is what I've been told by many other students. So this news is completely out of the blue situation for me and I'am extremely worried right now.

Q) Do you guys think there is high possibility of getting no funding even if I was admitted early?

This is very important since I intended to apply nowhere else prior to the news thinking that I would receive the funding. 

However, if I do not get the funding I can't go to this program, and thus start applying to other programs asap. 

 Thanks... I am so worried right now )-;


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SInce you are on the wait list for the funding, my advice is to start applying for other programs ASAP. If you find out good news about funding, then great! Otherwise, you need a backup plan (although the backup plan might be to not start grad school right away). 

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