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Master in psychology/technology


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Hi there, I've got a question which I don't seem to find any good answer to anywhere so I'll give it a shot here.

I recently graduated from my bachelor's degree in psychology. During my studies I developed an interest for how technology can be used in clinical psychology and health behaviors. My research papers during the bachelor's degree also investigated this topic. However it seems like a quite new field and I'm unsure what to choose for graduate school. My dream job in the future would be to do research in the field and develop systems/apps/online applications that can be used to enhance clinical psychology and promote health behavior.

I guess that there isn't a perfect match out there, however I've been looking around a bit and the closest options I've found are Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction or Media Psychology. I've also been looking at Clinical Psychology but I guess you'd miss the whole technical part then.

All suggestions, advises or inputs are more than welcome!

Thanks in advance

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Not sure if it is remotely what you are looking for but you may check out Human Factors psychology. Texas Tech has a program (MA or PhD) for example. Not sure exactly what they research (and there's other programs out there) but I personally know some HF students and it sounds like you may find some type of fit there. 

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