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Transcripts - explanatory note?


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Hey all,

I'm running into problems with my transcripts. All the programs I'm applying to just want a scan, so it's not the school sending them, and some want MA and BA uploaded separately and some together. However, a semester of my MA work appears under my BA due to slow bureacracy, so I'd have that half-page of BA stuck in the middle of MA transcripts with no explanation (it's not on there) and there's an F (equivalent) grade on one course that's just from being abroad for work for part of that semester. I'm making it up and it's not a big deal from the university's perspective, but the F is still on there for the moment. The department just told me to add an explanatory note with the transcripts...is that accpetable for these kinds of things? (International student here...)

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Thanks! I put in a very short note and had the department put an official stamp on it, just in case.

Naturally, only after this was done and they had gone home for the day, did I notice a typo in the note. Deadline is today, so the hell with it. Submitted with typo. Will now spend the rest of my life convinced this typo is why I got rejected, I imagine.

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