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Stanford admissions rates?

Manimal ZYK

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Been trying to find admissions stats for the Stanford chemistry PhD program ... does anyone know roughly how many international students they take per year?


Also would highly appreciate it if someone experienced could evaluate my chances, as I'm checking my mailbox like 10 times a day and it's really not healthy XD

Applied for Stanford (dream school) and UC Berkeley 

Undergraduate at University of Cambridge, 1st Year 73% (In top 12% of the year), 2nd Year 66% (In top 30% of the year). I know the scores seem really low but that's the way it is in the UK ...

GRE: 162 Verbal, 168 Quantitative, 4.0 Analytical Writing

GRE Chemistry: 860

2.5 Months research experience at Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology this summer, 1 Month research experience in industrial chemistry last year. Research interest is natural product chemistry or any form of biologically-oriented chemistry (not chemical biology or biochemistry though).

Also do Stanford care about extracurriculars? I'm a decent painter, fitness fanatic and YouTuber not sure if that will help with the application at all lol XD

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