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Ph.D. in clinical psychology, counseling psychology or family studies


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I know it may sound odd at first. I am waving between phd. in clinical, counseling psychology and family studies and hoping to get response from people who have experience with phd. in psychology in general. 

I am a MS in social work holder ( graduated from Columbia University) and hoping become a psychologist. I am currently working with families by providing family interviewing. That is the reason I have been considering to apply for family studies- I have strong interesting in working with families and focusing on evidence-based research. 

On the other hand, I have a growing interest in diagnosis, assessment and evidence-based research in trauma or other mental illness, therefore clinical or counseling psychology would be a great place to study as well. However, I do have concern about my research experience and mathematic ability since I don't think I am good with figures, and the limited research experience I had are all about qualitative. I do want to focus more on practicum and qualitative research if possible.  I am willing to go to any place with strong research and clinical training program and found it difficult to navigate what might be the best fit for me.  Any advises or insights would be highly appreciated. 

Thanks a lot!!!


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