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Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had insight into the Oxford MFA program. I think someone wrote last year that they applied and were accepted. (@Tynniffer?) Is it career suicide to go (funding concerns aside) to the UK and later seek a teaching job in the US market or a place in the art scene in a major US city?

Sorry for the careerism, but I just wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on this.  

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Yes I got in last year but the funding wasn't very good. They offered to put me on the waiting list for funding (for which they said best case scenario 5000 pounds). I got very good funding at the university of Guelph (I'm Canadian) and was really impressed with my visit there so that was my choice. I'm happy I chose it. Just finished my first semester! A main issue with the Oxford program was it's length (only 9 months which I can't even fathom). I'd encourage you to apply and hope for funding but make sure you've applied to other schools that vary in length and price.


I hope that helps! I believe there were other people here who got in so you can check in with them about their experience. 




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